Conservation Window Films & Blinds

  • Ultraviolet radiation, the main cause of deterioration of fabrics, furnishings and paint media, can be can be virtually eliminated with an application of Sun-X MT90 Clear Ultraviolet Filter to the existing window glass without altering the external appearance of the windows or affecting visibility in any way.


  • Visible light and heat, which together are responsible for approximately 50% of fade damage, can be reduced to acceptable levels in two ways:

    1. Neutral Density Light Reducing Ultraviolet Filters
      • Reduce solar heat gain and visible light
      • Do not affect the colour temperature or colour rendering of incident light
      • Designed specifically for museum and art gallery use


    2. Heavy-Duty Traditional Roller Blinds

      In museums, art galleries and historic houses, where reduction of lux levels is a priority but where a tinted light-reducing filter is aesthetically or architecturally unacceptable, we recommend the use of Sun-X Traditional Cap & Rack, Check Action or Flange-End roller blinds. Manufactured to National Trust specifications in our own workshops from a wide range of high quality materials, these blinds are tailored to suit individual requirements.

Key Benefits of Conservation Window Films & Blinds

  • Eliminate ultraviolet radiation
  • Reduce visible light and heat
  • Significantly reduce fading

Why Sun-X ?

  • 40 years experience
  • Distinguished client base
  • All work guaranteed
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