MT70E very light neutral Low-E UV Film

Key Features

  • Museum-Grade UV filter
  • Exceptional winter heat retention
  • Additional summer heat reduction
  • Non-reflective, very pale neutral finish



Sun-X MT70E is a revolutionary combination of museum-grade UV filtration, and exceptional improvement in the thermal efficiency of single glazing. It is also near-invisible from inside or out when installed, so is the ideal solution for historic and/or listed buildings who are looking to protect their interiors against sun damage, and save money and carbon emissions by reducing heating output in winter. 

An example installation - Sun-X has installed this film to a roof-light in Brighton Museum which was experiencing dramatic heat loss & heat gain, and high levels of UV radiation and visible light. Combined with Sun-X MT20 dark neutral filter externally for even greater performance, all of these problems have been solved, and allowed the museum to remove the old unsightly roof blind, opening up the roof space. 


Technical Data

  • Visible light transmission - 70%
  • Visible light reflection - 12%
  • Total solar energy rejected - 51%
  • U-Value 3.31 W/m2K (44% improvement on single glazing)
  • Emissivity 0.06 (94% radiant heat retained)
  • Ultraviolet transmission - <0.1%
  • UV content = 15 µW/lumen
  • Transmission relative to 550nm:
    320nm = 0.0%
    380nm = 0.7%
    400nm = 41%


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Thank you for the professional way your company conducted itself whilst working at The Marriott's. Ashley and Neil were both very polite and tidy during their working time with us and more importantly very courteous towards our residents. Please thank the guys for me and thank you SUN-X once again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive?

  • Solar Film - in a commercial context, it can pay for itself in as little as three years, based on energy savings on heating & cooling systems.
  • Safety Film - much less expensive than glass replacement, prevents damage to people, IT equipment/display stock, and prevents legal liabilities from injury caused by shattered glass.
  • Privacy Film - significantly less expensive than sandblasting, and can be removed/replaced.
  • UV Film - restoration from sun damage will be much more expensive; some objects are priceless.

What can window film do?

It can:

  • make glass shatter-proof
  • reflect the sun's heat
  • reduce winter heat loss
  • reduce glare
  • reduce fading and rotting of fabrics
  • provide frosted or one-way privacy
  • reduce energy costs and carbon emissions
  • provide a decorative effect

What is window film?

An off-shoot of interstellar travel over 30 years ago, it's essentially a polyester sheet, with an adhesive backing which bonds to glass. Sun-X has been applying window film since its inception, and even treating windows prior to this.

Will it have bubbles and creases?

No, not when professionally installed by Sun-X trained and highly experienced personnel. The clearer variety of films will even be invisible to the human eye.

Will it make the room dark of the windows mirrored?

Not necessarily. While dark reflective films will provide maximum heat reduction, there are now available some extremely effective 'clear' non-reflective solar films, making them ideal for listed buildings, or where high light levels are required.

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