UV Window Film


Ultraviolet filters in the SUN-X Conservation Range exceed the requirements for ultraviolet filtration. This is known as the 'Thomson' specification* - transmission must be 0% at 320 nanometres, <1% at 380nm, and <50% at 400nm. Even films which claim to reduce 99.9% of UV, may still not be classed as 'museum-grade', as they can fail at the higher end of the spectrum, which is the most damaging part. They must also transmit below 50µW/lumen. Tested and approved by the scientific departments of the National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum and The National Trust, Sun-X UV filters are used extensively in museums, art galleries and historic houses throughout the UK and abroad.

SUN-X neutral density light-reducing filters are manufactured using a unique combination of metal alloys. As illustrated in the individual technical data sheets, each filter has been specifically designed to transmit as close to natural daylight as possible. Sun-X filters uniquely provide sufficient UV filtration, without altering the colour rendition and colour temperature of display objects.

As well as being applied to window glass, Sun-X also manufactures UV tube jackets for fluorescent lighting


* Garry Thomson, Head of the Scientific Department at the National Gallery, 1960-1985