Conservation Traditional Blinds

The Sun-X range of traditional blinds provide privacy and offer a variety of aesthetically pleasing solutions to problems experienced in reducing levels of 'illuminance' or 'lux' levels. Sun-X Traditional Blinds have been used in conjunction with Sun-X Ultraviolet Filters to virtually eliminate fade and fibre degeneration in many royal palaces, stately homes and elegant houses throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

Manufactured to original designs, Sun-X Traditional Roller Blinds are available in three types to suit every situation and/or personal preference:

Mounted on a heavy duty metal barrel, the cover is adhered firmly to the roller with a generous extra amount of cloth to the drop required.

Traditional Covers can be chosen from our wide range of fabrics designed to grace any home. The cover (drop) is carefully side-hemmed with a zig-zag stitch to match the bottom pocket which contains a strong pear-shaped hardwood lath. A brass knot holder is fitted to the lath and it is to this that the cord and wooden acorn is attached. To enhance the traditional look of our blinds, we now fit brass brackets as standard. We are also able to supply double brackets to enable two blinds to be hung at the same window to provide the facility for enhanced light level control and maintenance of appropriate lux levels.

Traditional Roller Blinds Benefits