Sunscreen Blinds - One Way Blinds

Sunscreen one way blinds white


Sunscreen one way blinds grey


Sunscreen one way blinds alabaster


Sunscreen one way blinds bronze


Key Features

  • Maintain views and aesthetic qualities in keeping with location.
  • Reduce the effects of strong daylight.
  • Provide adjustable lux values.
  • Durable wipe-clean fabrics
  • Roll widths up to 3.2m for large seamless panels

Commercial Sunscreen Blinds (One Way Blinds)

Our one way blinds are expertly manufactured in our workshops by our own trained personnel at Sun-X. Perforated sunscreen blinds (one way blinds) give flexibility in sunlight control while maintaining a constant view of the world outside.

The maximum solar energy rejection, using a white internal fabric with a tight weave, is around 68% on single glazed windows. Greater efficiency can be obtained if the one way blinds are fitted externally.

Darker fabrics on one way blinds are less efficient at solar rejection, but provide greater glare reduction, as well as enhanced clarity of vision to the exterior. If one way blinds are drawn to different heights, this fact will not be overly apparent from the outside, as dark colours will blend into the glazed facade.

Better light control and external visibility will be achieved using finer weaves.

Sunscreen fabrics are available in many different weave patterns and colours, made into one way roller blinds or vertical blinds, with either manual or motorised operation. Roll widths of up to 3.2m allow for larger seamless panels.