Anti-Glare Window Film

Limo black

Limo Black

Dark charcoal

Dark Charcoal

Dark neutral

Dark Neutral

Daylight redirecting film

Daylight Redirecting Film

Key Features

  • Reduce glare by over 90%
  • Non-reflective charcoal finish
  • Unobtrusive appearance
  • New carbon technology, rather than dyed, for maximum durability
  • Additional solar energy rejected - up to 59%
  • Avoid the need for blinds
  • Combat low winter sun
  • Reduce eyestrain, and avoid computer screen glare

About Anti-Glare Window Film

Sun-X 'limo black' anti-glare window film will reduce glare by over 90%, to enable computer screens to be used without discomfort, or the need for blinds. Anti-Glare Window Film also reduces eyestrain. Staff productivity and morale will be boosted, whilst complying with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992.

The non-reflective finish of anti glare window film will give an unobtrusive external appearance, particularly useful in conservation areas. Whereas cheaper dyed films will lose their colour within a few short years, this next-generation technology allows for greatly enhanced durability. Anti glare window film also results in nearly 60% of solar energy being rejected, helping to create a still more comfortable working environment, and saving energy on cooling systems.

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'Limo Black' Anti Glare Film

  • Visible Light Transmission 6%
  • Visible Light Reflection 5%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejection 59%
  • Glare Reduction 92%
'Limo Black' anti-glare window film is also available in lighter grades 

NEW FOR 2018 - 'Daylight Redirecting Film'

Not only will this revolutionary film reduce glare, but it sends sunlight deeper into the building to provide brighter working spaces