Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trying to work but blinded by the light?

Winter sunshine is beautiful but sadly it can create a real problem with glare and reflections at this time of year, as it streams in through windows, shining its powerful rays but causing annoying distractions.

The team at Sun-X are used to being called to businesses with a need to provide an effective solution, because the sun’s glare has caused difficulty with seeing computer screens, concentrating and generally being able to work within a comfortable environment.

Did you know there are four main types of glare caused by the sun at this time of year that can affect you?

Distracting glare – which can cause eye fatigue

Discomforting glare – which is triggered by changing light conditions can cause squinting and eye fatigue

Disabling glare - is caused by light too bright for the eye which reduces or blocks vision due to something called retinal veiling - a veil or haze over the retina

Blinding glare – this is the most severe form of glare and occurs when the sun’s low in the sky and it reflects off of flat surfaces or computer screens making it near impossible to work

Most of us will know how hard it is to concentrate and work in an environment with prolonged hours of low, glaring sunshine; it can be very uncomfortable. At Sun-X we can solve these problems. Our range of Solar window film installed by the team at Sun-X, can virtually eliminate glare, whilst still allowing excellent clarity of vision to the exterior.

Our films also help employers comply with Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 too, as well as Regulations arising from EU Directive 89/654/EEC.

Our anti-glare film is particularly appropriate when combatting low winter sun, the angle of which can often pose a more acute problem than longer hours of higher summer sun exposure.

James Willson our Director adds “The installation to the indoor tennis courts at The Queen’s Club, London has suitably impressed the users to the extent that they have now recommended the same solution for another prestigious club in Buckinghamshire. This site currently has blackout curtains, therefore the Sun-X film will provide effective glare control, but allow the players a clear view of the picturesque grounds, without changing the outward appearance”.

If the problem is purely seasonal, then Sun-X solar shade blinds would be the answer, so the windows need not be permanently tinted. Our glare reducing window film can either be non-reflective for minimal impact on the external facade, or be provided in varying degrees of reflectivity too, to help additionally reduce solar heat gain.

The team at Sun-X (UK) Ltd provide a nationwide installation service through the United Kingdom – please contact us to find out more.

Trying to work but blinded by the light?

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