Traditional Blinds

Sun-X traditional blinds offer aesthetically pleasing solutions to problems experienced damage caused by visible or direct sunlight. Used in conjunction with Sun-X UV film, they virtually eliminate fade and fibre degeneration, and grace many stately homes and palaces throughout the UK and abroad.

Sun-X Traditional Roller Blinds are available with different operations to suit every situation and/or personal preference:

The material is adhered firmly to a heavy duty metal roller with a generous extra amount of cloth to that required.

Traditional Covers can be chosen from our wide range of fabrics designed to grace any home. The material is expertly side-hemmed with a zig-zag stitch, and a matching bottom pocket containing a strong pear-shaped hardwood lath. Attached to the lath and is a brass knot-holder, cord, and wooden acorn. Brass brackets enhance the traditional look of Sun-X blinds, but are also available in stainless steel. Sun-X also manufacture double brackets to enable two blinds (one light, one dark) to be hung at the same window, providing optimum control of light levels.

Sun-X Traditional Window Roller Binds