Reflective Solar Film

Leisure centre reflective solar film

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Hospital Rooflight reflective solar film

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Solar Dome reflective solar film

Solar Dome

Key Features

  • Rejects up to 79% of total solar energy, and 83% of glare
  • Reduces air-conditioning costs
  • Ideal for offices, factories and and most workplace applications
  • Can be applied externally for greater performance on double glazing
  • Gives a uniform appearance to glazed facades
  • Available in various colours & densities
  • The most efficient window film on the market
  • Offers additional fade reduction, privacy and safety

About Reflective Solar Window Film

Sun-X Dark Silver Reflective Solar Control Window Film provides almost 80% solar energy rejection and is the most effective solar control film available. In addition to its solar reflective and glare reducing properties, the visual privacy provided by its mirrored appearance makes it an extremely popular material for commercial premises with windows adjacent to public areas. There is an equivalent suitable for external use where it is used extensively for pitched glazing in conservatories and in office and factory skylights.

Technical data

  • Total solar energy rejected - 79%
  • (86% externally on double glazing)
  • Glare Reduction - 83%
  • Visible light transmission - 15%
  • Visible light reflection - 60%
  • Ultraviolet transmission - <1%
  • Available in 6' wide rolls