Opaque Privacy Window Film

Bronze Opaque privacy window film

Bronze Opaque

Mini Dots privacy window film

Mini Dots

White Opaque privacy window film

White Opaque

Key Features

  • Transmits up to 80% of visible light yet maintains privacy.
  • 50 micron thickness helps reduce danger of flying, shattered glass.
  • Pleasing alternative to plain glazed partitions.
  • Also available in a variety of colours & decorative patterns

About Opaque Privacy Film

Vision is blocked from either side of the glass, whilst maintaining very high light levels. Corporate branding can easily be included (see manifestation page).

Technical data - White Opaque

  • Visible light transmission - 69%
  • Visible light reflection - 20%
  • Ultraviolet transmission - <15%
  • Total solar energy rejected - 28%
  • Glare Reduction - 22%