One-Way Privacy Window Film

External View privacy window film

External View

Internal View privacy window film

Internal View

Key Features

  • One-way daytime mirror privacy effect
  • High external reflectance; low internal reflectance
  • Massive solar energy & glare reduction
  • Clearer night-time view due to lower internal reflectance

About One-Way Privacy Window Film

Given correct lighting conditions, a reflective film can provide one-way privacy during daylight hours. A dark dual-reflective film will achieve the best possible effect, with a grey non-reflective surface on one side, and a highly reflective silver surface on the other. Blinds or curtains would need to be drawn after dusk to prevent this effect from auto-reversing.

Technical data

  • Total solar energy rejected - 80%
  • Glare Reduction - 90%
  • Visible light transmission - 8%
  • Visible light reflection (external) - 52%
  • Visible light reflection (internal) - 13%
  • Ultraviolet transmission - <1%