Flange-End traditional blinds

Flange end traditional blinds
Close up of flange end traditional blinds

Key Features

  • Heavy duty metal barrel rollers mounted within the sash recess
  • No centre cord (unless required)
  • Roller can be spring loaded to assist ascent or fall.
  • Supplied with a brass K-cleat
  • Wide choice of covers from the Sun-X fabric range to grace any home.
  • Zig-zag side hems with a strong pear-shaped hardwood bottom lath.
  • Cover firmly adhered to the roller.
  • Generous extra amount of cloth to the drop required.

About Sun-X Flange-End roller blinds

The installation to the Venetian-style window pictured above illustrates how a uniform facade is achieved, taking into account the arched top light. The roller blind is fitted to the rectangular section of the window while the arch is covered using matching blind material attached to a timber frame formed to suit the shape of the arch. The architectural detail is therefore kept intact.

Sun-X Flange-End Roller Blinds can be virtually any size. These blinds have no centre cord and are recommended for doorways and for large windows where operation of Cap & Rack or Check Action blinds would be difficult or inappropriate. Operated with a single cord at one end of the blind, the cord winds around the flange as the cover descends. The cover can then be held in the desired position by securing the cord on a brass 'button' or 'K' cleat. Large Flange End Blinds incorporate a spring within the barrel to slow descent and to assist in raising the cover.

Used in conjunction with Sun-X ultraviolet filters provides a complete barrier against both fade and fibre degeneration.