Check-Action Traditional Blinds

Semi circle window with blind
3 tall windows with check action blinds
Blind on tall window
Traditional blind

Key Features

  • Heavy duty metal barrel rollers mounted within the sash recess
  • Internal check-action mechanism provides maximum roller barrel coverage
  • Wide choice of covers from the SUN-X fabric range to grace any home
  • Zig zag side-hems with a strong pear-shaped hardwood bottom lath
  • Choice of brass plate or helmet knot holder
  • Cover firmly adhered to the roller
  • Generous extra amount of cloth to the drop required

About Sun-X Check-Action Roller Blinds

When the National Trust rebuilt Uppark House following the catastrophic fire in 1989, Sun-X was chosen to manufacture and install a double system of check action blinds to their usual exacting standards. The attention to detail, from bracketure and robust roller to cover, stitching and cotton corded fruitwood acorn, contributed to Uppark's restoration to its former glory.

The double blind system enables separate operation of dark and light covers providing a variable means of maintaining appropriate lux levels. The photograph above shows the internal champagne coloured cover obscuring the navy cover, which is set half-way to combat the angle and extremes of the sun. The room-side cover allows the furnishings and exhibits to be viewed while displayed items remain protected. This system provides a controllable, aesthetic and traditional solution to visible light reduction, from almost blackout to light shade.

Used in conjunction with Sun-X ultraviolet filters, this system provides a complete barrier against both fade and fibre degeneration.