Cap & Rack Traditional Blinds

Cream blind
White and blue blind
Example of blind

Key Features

  • Heavy duty metal barrel roller mounted within the sash recess.
  • Wide choice of covers from the Sun-X fabric range to grace any home.
  • Zig zag side-hems with a strong pear-shaped hardwood bottom lath.
  • Brass plate or helmet knot holder fitted as standard.
  • Cover firmly adhered to the roller.
  • Centre pull and side release cord ensures complete control

About Sun-X Cap & Rack Roller Blinds

Sun-X Cap & Rack Rollers have an external ratchet mechanism with a cord-operated release pin, all enclosed within a brass cap at one end of the roller barrel.The blind pictured above is an example of our high standard of craftsmanship. Each blind is individually crafted to exacting standards and original patterns. Designed specifically for large, 'long drop' windows, Cap and Rack roller blinds provide total control when raising the blind. The ratchet release mechanism ensures that the operator is able to control the speed at which the cover is raised, thereby reducing the possibility of 'running off' and avoiding unsightly fraying of the fabric edges.

Sun-X Cap & Rack Roller Blinds are now installed using brass brackets as standard (unless otherwise specified) and can be installed singly or, if required, as a double blind system to provide a variable means of maintaining appropriate lux levels.

Used in conjunction with Sun-X UV Filters, Sun-X Cap & Rack Roller Blinds provide a complete barrier against fade and fibre degeneration