100 Micron Safety Window Film

Barbirolli Square, Manchester | 100 Micron Safety Window Film | Sun-X

Barbirolli Square, Manchester

No.1 London Bridge | 100 Micron Safety Window Film | Sun-X

No.1 London Bridge

Southwark Towers | 100 Micron Safety Window Film | Sun-X

Southwark Towers

Key Features

  • Meets British Standard BS6206 Class B and European Standard EN12600 Class 2B2
  • Commonly used for human impact protection e.g. in schools
  • Protected by a patented scratch-resistant coating
  • Maintains high visibility and safety needs
  • 100 micron tinted solar control safety films also available

About 100ยต clear safety film


100 Micron high performance Safety Window Film is designed to protect against breakage in case of human impact. It has been installed successfully as an anti-shatter laminate at many schools, commercial and government locations and continues to provide ongoing protection.


Technical data

  • Visible light transmission - 89%
  • Visible light reflection - 9%
  • Ultraviolet transmission - <5%