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No window too big

Monday, June 01, 2015

For years, the University of East Anglia had sought a solution to damaging ultraviolet radiation penetrating the vast glazed areas of their prestigious Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Both the east and west elevations required protecting. Contrary to some misconceptions, west-facing windows still need protection, as UV radiation still penetrates, even if no direct sunlight falls on the glass.

The sheer size of the individual panes, each measuring 2.4m x 7m, was proving a major challenge, as no product was available wide enough to treat the panes without having joins. Despite this concern, Sun-X advised the University that the visual effect of butting together 5 pieces of MT90 clear museum-grade UV window film on each pane would be negligible, and would not detract from the impressive curtain wall façade. A trial application to one pane proved very successful. The Sun-X installation personnel each had over 20 years experience, and despite working from a scaffold tower, managed to execute a flawless application to the remaining 21 panes to the delight of all parties concerned.