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Window Films and Blinds For Your Family Home

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At Sun-X we offer very effective and economical solutions to a wide range of problems, including the effects of excess solar heat gain.

conservatory roof solar film

With solar heat gain, glass will magnify the sun's heat and in an enclosed space such as a conservatory, it can quickly become uncomfortable or even unbearable. Air-conditioning requires electricity to run and is fighting a losing battle as the heat is already in the room. Blinds will trap/absorb heat and re-radiate into the room. The most effective solution to reduce its effects, is with the application of solar film on the glass, which reflects the heat before it enters the room.  

  • Solar glare

shade blinds 

In a commercial setting where the sun makes it hard to use computer screens, a dark solar film can be very effective. However, in a domestic setting, a permanent and considerable loss of natural light is rarely desired, so a blind would be the most appropriate solution. There are options that will still allow you to see out through the blind while reducing the glare. 

  • Winter heat loss

winter heat loss home 

Any type of fabric (e.g. a curtain) will help reduce heat loss, but Sun-X offer dedicated insulating materials in the form of both blinds and "Low-E" window film.

  • Lack of privacy

silver etch 

Being overlooked need not be a concern, with either a frosted/opaque, or one-way reflective film, or a blind, again, with options of solid or one-way fabrics. 

  • Fading of furniture, furnishings, and artwork

faded curtain

New and/or valuable fabrics can quickly deteriorate in sunlight, which is principally caused by a combination of UV radiation, direct sunlight, and heat. A UV film on the glass will eliminate rotting, and slow the fading process, but a blind or curtain ought to be drawn when the sun is shining through onto the objects you are looking to protect.

  • Breakage caused by accidental impact, vandalism, or forced entry

safety window film 

Glass, if broken, can cause serious injury. If safety glass has not been installed and kitemarked to British/European safety standards, then Sun-X can install a clear anti-shatter safety film to (smooth) glass, so the glass will hold together in one piece if broken. This is very common in schools, but equally relevant in the home.


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