MT90 Completely Clear UV Film

UEA Sainsbury Building

Scone Palace


Key Features

  • Regularly tested to museum standards
  • Does not alter the external appearance of the building in any way
  • Does not affect visual clarity through the glass
  • Protected by a patented scratch-resistant coating
  • Full five year manufacturers warranty
  • Exclusively available only from Sun-X (UK)

About MT90 Clear UV Window Film

Sun-X MT90 Clear Ultraviolet Filter protects the nation's heritage in Museums, Art Galleries, Royal Palaces, National Trust and English Heritage properties as well as many privately owned Historic Houses throughout the UK and abroad.

Installation by our own trained personnel is a simple, non-disruptive process where the film is usually applied to the internal surface of existing window glass. It is virtually indetectable, does not alter the appearance of the building in any way or interfere with visibility. Warranteed for a full five years and, dependant upon factors such as location, exposure, atmospheric conditions, cleaning regime etc, it has a life expectancy of between 8 to 15 years.

Technical data

  • UV filtration 99.9%
  • UV content 10µW/lumen
  • Visible light transmission 85%
  • Visible light reflection 8%
  • Transmission relative to 550nm :
  • 400nm = 25.5%*
  • 380nm = 0%*
  • 320nm = 0%*

*Filter exceeds requirements of Thomson specification as required.