MT65 Very Light Neutral UV Window Film

Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Windsor Castle

Woburn Abbey

Key Features

  • Museum-grade UV filter
  • Combines additional light protection with two way vision
  • Ideal for display windows
  • Reduces Solar Heat Gain by 28%
  • Renders glass break-safe to BS6206 Class B

About MT65 UV Window Film

Sun-X MT65 is recommended where additional light reduction is required but where blinds and/or sun curtains are inappropriate or cannot be fitted.

This very light neutral ultraviolet filter was specified for the windows of the newly restored state apartments at Windsor Castle following the great fire of November 1992. The majority of these rooms face due south and the neutral grey colour, providing 32% light reduction ensures additional protection against the harsh sunlight. Sun-X Traditional Conservation Blinds were also specified and installed to provide the best possible protection for the works of art, fabrics and furnishings.

Sun-X MT65 very light neutral ultraviolet filter is also used extensively in retail premises to protect window displays. The neutral colour of this film ensures that there is no change to the colour of the transmitted light and therefore no alteration to the colour of display items while the 100 micron thickness of this safety grade film ensures additional protection against damage to stock by flying glass particles in the event of vandalism or accidental breakage.

Technical Data

  • Visible light transmission - 68%
  • Visible light reflection - 11%
  • Ultraviolet transmission - <0.1%
  • Total solar energy rejected - 31%
  • Glare Reduction - 23%
  • UV content = 4 µW/lumen
  • Transmission relative to 550nm:
    320nm = 0.0%
    380nm = 0.6%
    400nm = 29%
  • Correlated Colour Temperature = 6197 Kelvin
  • Colour Rendition >= 99