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The Sun-X 'MT' range grows!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Introducing Sun-X MT80E! The ultimate window film for UV protection, winter heat retention, and summer heat rejection, crucially, with a non-reflective finish for historic and/or listed buildings.

The Sun-X 'MT' range of museum-grade UV films has been trusted for over 30 years to protect furnishings and artwork in historic properties from damage caused by sunlight. The 'MT' stands for 'museum transmission', i.e. a guarantee that the film performs to excating requirements set by the museum industry, started by Garry Thomson, Head of the Scientific Department at the National Gallery from 1960-1985. The 'Thomson specification' sets out parameters that UV filters must transmit below certain levels at three different points on the UV spectrum (in particular between 300-400 nanometers), as well as an overall reading of UV transmission being below 50 microwatts per lumen. The former requires a specialist piece of equipment, the latter just a hand-held UV meter. If a product is in the Sun-X 'MT' range, it means it is tested at least annually to ensure it meets these standards. Simply stating a film reduces UV by (eg) 99%, does not mean it is museum-grade, and indeed, probably isn't.


The new MT80E is a ground-breaking combination of the following elements:

- Museum-grade UV filtration (responsible for rotting, and 40% of fading)

- 40% improvement in the insulating 'U' value of single glazing

- over 40% reduction in solar heat gain - more comfortable in summer, plus heat is 25% responsible for fading

- exceptionally high visible light transmission - will not noticeably darken the room, but will provide additional protection against damage cuased by visible light (also 25% responsible for fading)

- non-reflective neutral finish - will not alter the external appearance, perfect for listed buildings


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